I decided to give naturism in Poland a second look. I figured perhaps something had changed in the years since the guide was published. I was right. On the internet, I found a site for the first and, at the time, merely official naturist resort in Poland, Sauna Cezar. He explained I was welcome to come.

I met Gosia in the sauna. I thought she was Peter’s wife. He had, in the end, run up the stairs calling her name. She had come to wait for me in the sauna thinking I was just another man who likes to shoot pictures of nude / naturist girls. She understood I was not. She afterwards told me she thought I might be homosexual. I wasn’t – even though the first person I ever really fell in love with was a guy. That is another story. I was brought to her. I felt her heat – her spirit – her energy – her great generosity – her deep unhappiness. I kept my distance. I thought she was married. Gosia discovered that space. She supposed it was concealing something. She afterwards told me that if not for that space, she might not have bothered with me. Meanwhile I couldn’t realize what was going on between us. I worried at first that Gosia and Peter might be swingers. I was not certain how I could deal with that. Afterward I thought Gosia might be thinking about a divorce. On Sunday through lunch she mentioned wanting to fall in love. Because instant I vowed to myself that if I ‘d the opportunity, I might show this woman love.

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I might give her myself completely. Later in the evening, Gosia finally clarified in my experience that she was divorced. Despite still residing with Peter, she had been divorced from him for 36 months.
There was a stripper pole in the corner. It was symbolic of that night’s event. My love making was a show. Gosia was impressed. She complimented the deftness with which I removed my clothes. I even impressed myself with a well-executed interruptus. Each morning, a blond girl entered the room, saw me, excused herself, and left. It was a member of Peter’s staff. He was right outside the door to Gosia’s wing of your house. He helped me locate a towel. It was inconvenient. Later Gosia would describe to me how her youngest daughter advised her that there was a guy sleeping in her bed. Gosia had told her that she was conscious of it. When her daughter asked her why there was a man sleeping in her bed, she said, “I don’t know.”
I was not quite certain how and under what conditions I would leave. I felt a little like Odysseus in the control of Circe. I didn’t go anyplace. My meals were brought to me. Our lovemaking was so vigorous I ended up using an inflamed urethra. At first I was scared it was an infection. Gosia took me to see a doctor who frequented the nude sauna. He asked if First Nudist Experience using a Friend ‘d participated in any sexual activity of a dubious nature. I told him I did not think so. Gosia would later tease him for it. As I ended up suspecting, the inflammation was just a symptom of the trauma. It went away. The trauma restarted. Gosia would later admit that she was biding her time as she connived her way into joining my grand tour across Europe. The minute she had learned about the idea she had started dreaming of participating. She thought it was exactly the sort of thing she wanted. She thought she had to convince me that it’d be rewarding to take her along. Little did she know I ‘d already pledged myself to her. All she had to do was ask on day four. It took her three weeks to gather up the nerve to take action.
My Naturist Year
We slept in 32 different locations. We saw 12 nations. We visited 2 and a half nudist beaches. Gosia warned me before the trip that she was a tempestuous shrew and that if I were smart I’d have nothing to do with her and that I should anticipate that at some stage she would leave me behind. On more than one occasion I was afraid she was going to do it. On one particularly bad night dominating Normandy Beach, I admitted to her that I loved her. She presumed as much and taunted me for saying it. Gosia stayed in the tent. At some stage she started thinking I had gone off to the cliffs to kill myself. She went outside and wandered about looking for me. It was a cold night. I use to own a jet ski in southern california. found me eventually in the car but not before letting the pain of a classic ear infection come roaring back.

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