I am now on a gap year after school, and my parents let me go on a trip by myself to France.

I have been a closet nudist for a while although I ‘d hardly any opportunities to get starkers through my youth. So this was my chance, I located a quiet clothing optional beach and stood there, wondering if I was going to take the plunge. I slowly took of my top and threw it on to my towel then as I was easing of my towel, I thought “To heck with this” and took everything away. I was in paradise and although there were a few attractive women nearby, I never got an erection. I ran the same as a madman to the ocean and was instatly one with the surf and sand. This was the most enjoyable moment of my life and I realised that I had finally accomplished my long fantasy of being a nudist. So far better than a soggy swimsuit. I had heard how friendly nudists were through http://x-pot.com , so I plucked up the nerve to speak to aforementioned women.
It was going well initially, I told them about my excursion etc, until one of them made a terrible comment about my penis size (really just typical) and also the remainder joined in. I was shocked my perspective of friendly nudists had just gone down the pan. They began touching their boobs, presumeably attempting to get me erected, and I walked away fighting tears as I covered my genitals.
This was not how I had imagined my FTE to be and I believed it was inappropriate to typecast nudists simply because of these 3 dumb women.
So I got in my rental car and drove to a place I’d heard was great. I arrived and, more carefully than before, took off my clothing. After speaking to several other nudists, who were sort as I ‘d anticipated, I walked round to the sports area. Now say exactly what you like but there is definately something captivating about seeing the “jiggle” when nude people are playing sports. It was only after I had won the very first match, that I remembered that I was NUDE. I was playing Badminton infront of another guy with my balls outside (Hence the name) and I did not care. This was amazing, everyone here was nude but I was not staring. Now I realise that I should not have let those girls get to me and I now know for sure that most nudists are fine.
Nicely Thank You for Reading.

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    Kate Koch-Sundquist is a graduate of Pomona College where she studied sociology, psychology, and writing before going on to receive an M.Ed. from Lesley University. After a few forays into living abroad and afloat (sometimes at the same time), she now makes her home north of Boston where she works as a content writer and, with her husband, raises two young sons who both inspire her and challenge her on a daily basis.

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